Side Projects

Sometimes I get bored, and like to keep my skills up to date by building side projects. There are many other ones I did not list here because they are either completely gone, or I cant talk about them  😃.

Album Upload

FB Marketplace did not exist, Craigslist image storage was really bad. Albumupload was created to serve quality images.

Club Creator

Before Facebook groups feature, I created Club Creator, allows user groups to be formed, post events, posts & photos.


Hyper quick event creation, send the link, have friends join.

Tech Stack: Firebase & Svelte.


An extended weekend project, to build an alternative to LinkTree, with support for old school WebRings.

  Tech Stack: Spring-Boot


Weekend project, I wanted to view my pictures in 100% full quality on my local network via iPad and other networked devices.

Point it to the picture folder, and it will do the rest.

Tech Stack: Java

GitHub Project Link

Space Jump

iOS Gold Rush era game, Space Jump was a game similar to Doodle Jump with RPG elements added to the game, level's, powerups & progression.

Tech Stack: Objective-C and Cocos2D